dijous, 21 d’octubre de 2010



The band was founded in 2007 by Ela, bassist in Romanian brutal death metal act, Necrovile. Wanted to start a grindcore band formed by girls, but this proved impossible to achieve.
Ideas have been materialized in a number of pieces. The songs have a brutal guitar & bass sound, perfect combination with screaming/ growl voice & fast drums blastbeat. Lyrics theme: some erotic gore stories.
Active since Octomber 2009, Clitgore played more then 30 live shows, in countries like Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary & Romania, and shared the stage with Master, Extreme Noise Terror, Mucupurulent, Mumakil, Gride, Epitome, Exhumer & more.

- "Clitgore" (demo CD - 3 songs)
- "When Injustice Becomes Law-Resistence Becomes Duty"- comp., by Anopsia Booking /Radio
-"Stories Of A Bloody Clit" (EP, Necrogore Prod./Ro)
- "Tribute To Regurgitate"(to be released in 2011 spring @ Gore & Shit Rec./USA)


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