diumenge, 14 d’octubre de 2007

P_NA - Compilació de Videos

P_NA is a new musical project where improvising and mistake searching are the main creative engine. P_NA´s music is, in some way, bipolar and extremist: black or white, ther is no place for grey nuances. Abusing on every kind of machine, doesn´t matters if it´s analog or digital, main ingredients on P_NA´s music are white noise and sine waves. In general, his compositions starts with a few random adjustments and, simply, let the machines do the job. Only the good criteria from P_NA decides if are good or bad results. Machines becomes an active part, not pasive, on the creation. Final result, in general minimal and repetitive, sometimes danceable, sometimes hypnotic, vampirizes and recycles every musical style, doesn´t matter if it´s industrial, clicks, dub, acid or hip hop.

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