dimarts, 28 d’octubre de 2008


LETAL SARDANA is a band which was started by a bunch of crazy guys who wanted to do something diferent. But they found out that almost everything had been invented. Then, they decided to mix catalan folk music with the most destructive and mad noise!! That's was the begining of this shit called LETAL SARDANA which has not any credibility as a band but, at least, it gives to its members and suporters a lot of sense of humor and "croquetes" in this world full of pigeonshit.
David l’Oxi, Eloi, Txosse, el Noel i el Fran are the parents of the creature, they created this vomiting noise. You can think the band is a bullshit and its music sounds a disgusting farts but it's not a casualty, their intention was to create a project that sounded as disgusting farts and here it is!!! LETAL SARDANA, catalan folknoise!!!!

Mas Guinardo 25-05-07


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