dimarts, 28 d’octubre de 2008


.Started on summer 2006 by Manuel M. Cubas as a scape from music to pure sound and noise experimentation to express and creating through a personal point of view on surrealistic/ abstract/ non conventional/ anti-commercial and personal ways.
Releasing stuff since 2006 on different labels from all over the world as Smell The Stench (Australia), Umbrella Noize Collective (USA), Mastertoaster Recordings (Spain), Corrosive Art Records (france), Dadaist Audio (Netherlands), Far From Showbiz (Poland), Ambolthue Records (Norway), R.O.N.F. Records (Spain), Clinical Archives (Russia),Defenestrated Records (USA), G13 Recordings (Japan) & [B]Rush (Russia)
Collaborating with artists such as C-utter, Philip Tarr, Sovako, Taiko Oroshi, Kenji Siratori, Slop Cake, Torstein Wjiik, Mariko Sugawara, Noiseconcrete, 240RME, Ego Death & Gen 26.

Loud on bunker place (07/2008)


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