dimarts, 28 d’octubre de 2008


SERRANDO CODOS started as a one-man band project during 2001 with the aim of releasing a 7" split with AGx (which at this moment is not going to happen). Apart from that, SERRANDO CODOS is just another crappystupidhorrornoiseband 100% DIY (as it must be!), so you just can expect the worst possible sound mixed with a lack of talent and originality in its compositions. However, surprisingly, some stuff has been released and even good reviews and comments have been spread over the world.
Probably, the only interesting thing of band history is that, recently, SERRANDO CODOS has become a two-men band project due to the incorporation of Pozilgano to the band. Now he is the one at guitars while Mr. X (the original member of SERRANDO CODOS is focused on growls, shrieks and drum programming.
In December 2006 new member J."Torment" Marsal - Drums joined the band .
You can expect more horror-noise to come!

"You Suffer" live in Austria 2008


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