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Weirding Module is Michael Troutman's solo project, Michael is better
known for playing bass guitar in the psychedelic rock band, Awesome Color. Weirding Module sounds like a heady mix of synthesizers, samples and rhythms, heavily influenced by repetition (Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Tony Conrad, et.al.) and seasoned with some Tangerine Dream, dub and dancehall reggae. Weirding Module's first release was an American Tapes bootleg cassette for the No Fun Festival (NYC) in 2004. Other releases have followed on Troutman's own label Senseless Empire (US), as well as releases on Ozonokids (Spain), Scumbag (US) and Silver Ghosts (Netherlands).

Future releases are due on: Night People (US) and an LP on Ultra
Eczema (Belgium).



Firmly established through a punishing touring schedule (more than 100
shows in Europe & U.S.) and an extensive back catalogue of many
European and American releases, Bill Kouligas (occasional Sudden
Infant member) using electronics, analogue synths, tapes, strings and
reeds builds his own improvised heavy telepathic universe and conjures
up a hazy psychedelic mayhem; from lulling numbness to fierce noise
outbreaks. He has collaborated with the likes of Chris Corsano, Anla
Curtis (of Reynols, Karen Constance, Damo Suzuki (CAN), Mark Durgan
(Putrefier/The New Blockaders), Ashtray Navigations, Astro (CCCC),
Family Underground, MV Carbon (Metalux, Bride of No No), Christelle
Gaudi (No Neck Blues Band, Stellar et al) amongst others.. In his
latest days he shares split releases with people like ASTRO, Birds of
Delay, Astronaut. Also new Sudden Infant (ft. Bill Kouligas) CD
'Psychotic Einzelkind' on Blossoming Noise.
He recently started running his own record label 'PAN'.



Juan Matos Capote is an experimental sound and visual artist from the
Canary Islands who lives in Barcelona. He studied circuitbending with
the pioneer Reed Ghazala in Ohio, EEUU, and techniques of Deep
Listening with composer and performer Pauline Oliveros in New York,
where he has lived for the past 12 years. His latest sound work, "The
Subway Aural Recordings", is a series of compositions based on field
recordings made in the New York City subway, recently released on CD
by Einzeleinheit in Munster, Germany. He also performs as part of the
duo called Thick Wisps (with Giancarlo Bracchi). His work has been
exhibited in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa.


Originally from Manresa. Better known for creating and running
Ozonokids in year 1999 and back then taking part on several acts -
generally as a drummer - such as Omegacinco, Les Aus, devoted to
improvisation and accidentalism. Year 2003 moved to Philadelphia, USA
for a short ammount of time where he met and interacted with visual
and sound artists such as Eli Winograd, Nate Davis, Jacob Anodide,
Jeff Mott, Lil' Howlin Wolf, Robert Francisco, Drums Like Machine
Guns, amongst others. He also got involved in electronics and circuit
modification. Back in Barcelona he created Cap Sembrat Festival of
experimental music and arts, and the groups Bèstia Ferida (along with
fellow Adrián de Alfonso and Mark Cunningham of Mars) and Homenatges.
His works have been featured in many record labels such as Gravity,
Faux Pas, Scumbag Relations, Widowspeak, Gold Standard Labs, True
Panther, Senseless Empire, Isolated Now Waves, Glasvocht, Nosordo,
Kindustria, Simple Social Graces, ... and has collaborated live with
people like Au, Daniel Gutierrez, Don the Tiger, Inaudibles, Jacob
Anodide, Justice Yeldham, Lydia Lunch, Marc Viaplana, Mark Cunningham,
Mattin, Ospreys, Robert Francisco, Silvia Mestres, Silvia (Ultimo
Resorte), Trigal, ... also featured in festivals like LUFF, Sonar,
Primavera Sound, South by Southwest, Tanned Tin, Cap Sembrat, ...



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