dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009



Anal Penetration is a one-man project recording some d.i.y. shit since 2000. After a few cd-r releases and some split CD's starting to play live as a one-man band with drumcomputer, guitars and vocals only but creating as much as heavy noise possible and many parts of Europe except for Spain!!!=
In 2007 a full length CD was released (Spray for Jesus) a split CD with Punished Earth (2008) and until the next full length there will be a split 7" with Gronibard late 2009


Sickened By The 6,6 Split album, 2000
Crust Zij Met Ons Split album, 2001
Conquering The Rectum demo, 2001
Promo 2002 - Discrimination Of The Vagina Demo, 2002
5 Way Split Split album, 2003
Anal Penetration / Anal Whore Split album, 2004
Faeces Eruption / Anal Penetration Split album, 2004
Hogtied / Anal Penetration Split album, 2004
Facial Humiliation Split album, 2005
Sperm In Your Anus Demo, 2005
...The lost shits Full-length, 2005
Tumour / Anal Penetration Split album, 2006
Spray For Jesus Full-length, 2007
Anal Penetration / Punished Earth
Split, 2008



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