dilluns, 2 de novembre de 2009



Rato Raro brothers, Raúl and Toño, drums and voice, have been resisting on their lisergic grindcore death punk concept since 1992. Year and a half ago, Visygodo Fukk (guitars) joinned them. Since then, they have managed to give their most effective kick. A band that has been supporting, in several concerts, a bunch of mythical bands. A musical concept both in attitude and in extreme sound which is difficultly classifiable in some concrete style. The Iberian extreme band that to more Lusitanian festivals has been invited. Now, for the first time, they are coming out into Barcelona in already relating musical Porno Gore Garri Extremi Fest, coinciding besides with the presentation of its new works: ACIDETHC and ACID-2. Don’t miss its live show, you will not remain indifferent …

Niño Bosnio en Medio del Tiroteo de un Francotirador - Demo, 1994
Terapia de Choque - Full-length, 2003
AcideTHC - EP, 2008
Acid-2 - Full-length 2009


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