dilluns, 2 de novembre de 2009



In the spanish criminal history, one of the most famous murder is the assassination of Marqueses of Urquijo as known as EL CASO URQUIJO and the its more popular murderdered RAFI ESCOBEDO, if he were today he would be a celebrity!!
But, that went out of all that?? Then, one of the biggest spanish noise grind bands, EL KASO URKIJO!!
Formed in 1987 by of Lord Byron and Popeye beginning one of the most crazy musical story of the spanish musical scene.
With d.i.y. recordings, they go away to be shooting its name and specially with concerts that still are remembered with a smile in the face.

In the black Hispanic chronicle a name emphasizes in capital letters THE CASE URQUIJO, with his(its) expiatory goat RAFI ESCOBEDO, star mediática, that the quoit ate up. bands of noise grind, THE KASO URKIJO!!

With diy recordings, After more than ten years MISSING, they return with the wish of recovering the place that they should never have left.

Padre Del Año... Violador! Demo, 1987
Konstruyendo La Destruccion Demo, 1989
Industrial Destruction Demo, 1990
Irremediable Destruction Demo, 1990
Soundless Destruction Demo, 1990
From Dark Dimension of Destruction Full-length, 1991
Artificial Naturality Demo, 1994
Genital Masticator / El Kaso Urkijo Demo, 1995
La España Negra de los Crímenes Rurales Full-length, 1995
La bañera fue su nicho Full-length, 2009


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