dimecres, 4 de novembre de 2009



Dr. JC, plastic surgeon, decided to become a "painter of the flesh" when he meet the dumb blonde of the moment. In his third rhinoplasty, he will discover how to obtain the original beauty, which will be reborn, literally, from the umbilical cord and, through the pain and the sobs of a new baby, creating a new canon of physical harmony. But above all, behind all this madness we will find tits, female handling in "blue mud and gore cord”.

Script and direction: Fernando Polanco Muñoz
Int: Jean Claude Riquebourg, Lidia Ornero
Photography: José Luís Gómez
Edition: Xavi Domínguez
Music: Juan Antonio Chacón
Artwork: Víctor Santacana
Production: Anna Casals

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