dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009



LSD Mossel started as Rudy and Roel Mossel were hitting some pots at a festival in 2004. A few months later Roel bought a toy drumkit and Rudy came along to get his guitar tuned by Roel. After some beers the idea came to make some improvisation toycore and a little experimental stuff.. A bunch of cd-r's, tapes and dvd+r's have been released in total wankercity-mossel-style and as you can see on youtube they did some gigs with all kind of bands, experimental festivals as well as some uninvited outdoor shows.. The last few years it has been quiet around the Mossels but that doens't mean they are dead.... First and exclusive gig in Spain so don't miss it!...


LSD Mossel – Wankercity crustnoise CD-r
LSD Mossel / Mad Wankers split tape (blue version limited to 25) – sold out
LSD Mossel – Welkom op de speelgoedcarroussel CD-r
LSD Mossel – Poep op de stoep DVD+R (live in Wankercity)
LSD Mossel / Sengaia! split CD-r
Meleijerz of Death / LSD Mossel split CD-r
Nihil Noise Collabs 2 CD-r compilation (live in Gent vs. Permanent Death)
Permanent Mossel (live in Gent Permanent Death vs. LSD Mossel)
LSD Mossel / Totemblastfrequency split CD-r (live in Hoegaarden)
Smersh / Sete Star Sept / Takashi Ohkawa / De Madeliefjes / LSD Mossel / AK47Hangover 6 way split CD-r
LSD Mossel / Granuloma Inguinale split CD-r
Permanent Death / LSD Mossel / De Madeliefjes split tape (live at Nerve Attac)
Kak-tus / Tuto Fuzzi / LSD Mossel DVD+R (live in the Ass Studio)
Tuto Fuzzi / LSD Mossel split tape
LSD Mossel – Stedentrip Parijs DVD+R
D.O.D. / LSD Mossel split CD-r
LSD Mossel / Violon Profond split CD-r limited to 25
Sonic Protest 2007 Double CD Compilation
Permanent Death / LSD Mossel split CD-r
100 way splatter fetish compilation CD by Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures
Diskoster / Jack the Tripper / Zurich against Zurich / Seth Evol Tracks / Sjab El Kebab / Vulvax / LSD Mossel split tape
LSD Mossel / Mad Wankers split tape (green version)


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