dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009



Miguel A. García aka Xedh from Euskadi is one of the most growing and active elements in the risky music scene. Though his roots are deeply stuck in the most radical industrial music, noise and dark ambient, nowadays he has evolved to more complex and no mainstream music. Nevertheless, inside his isolationist and minimalist music, it is possible to notice his love for the dark, oxidized, and oppressive ambients, though already less determined by aesthetics of genre

Formed in Arts and audiovisual technologies, Miguel has been former member of Baba Llaga, Mubles o Valvula Antirretorno, where he has edited several recordings in UG labels as Slaughter Prod., Nervous Nurse, Apocalyptic Radio o Verato Project. His lives has been in festivals like Experimentaclub (Madrid), Stoy Pa Landet (Noruega), ERTZ (Navarra), Sonic Circuits (EEUU), LEM (Barcelona) o MEM (Bilbao) or museums like MACUF (A Coruña), Chillida-Leku (Hernani), Sztuki Wspólczesnej Laznia (Polonia), Guggenheim (Bilbao) or El Tanque (Tenerife) and in several places along Spain.

[2009] VVAA "Variations in white vol. 1" (White Line, UK, CD)
Miguel A. García “Live at El Tanque” (RONF, Canary Islands, CDr)
Xedh “Vinduskarm” (Triple Bath, Greece, CDr)
[2008] Miguel A. García “Armiarmak” (RMO, Biscay-Basque Country, CD)
Miguel A. García “Subsuelos“ (Trans>parent radiation, USA, online)
Xedh “Exadh” (Zeromoon, USA, online)
[2007] Xedh “Armiarma” (Homophoni, USA, online)

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