dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009


Zé Pekeño explores the expression of the sound in the shape of electronic noise, as way to induce to the debate on the constructed languages. The destruction of the conventional structures in the communication, carries the denunciation of the failure of the bourgeois states as average conditions to guarantee the societies of the well-being, and therefore, provokes the debate on the failure of the capitalism as universal model, who guarantees the rights and the equality of opportunities for the whole human population. The humanist bourgeois states, there are formed for "those few ones chosen that can read" since to be able to read, it is necessary to understand and to possess the code. Zé Pekeño's name, is born of a Brazilian movie released in Spain with the title "Ciudad de Dios", set in the "favelas" of Rio de Janeiro and that reports the extremely hard reality which there must face the Brazilian young men who inhabit this marginal sector of the city. There appears a child of approximately eight years old called Zé Pekeño, which perpetrates a real slaughter in a brothel.

2007 "KKNegra" Artilleria Pesada
2009 "The land of the rabbits" Artilleria Pesada


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