dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2010

...a dead spot of light #9

La novena edició del “...a dead spot of light” ja està disponible per tot el que vulgui baixar-la, metal, ambient, noise, Fol…. Una mica de tot és cobert.

The ninth edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered.

Interview section
Count Beetle
(comes with a review)

The Infant T(h)ree
Review section
3,14... – Про Малиновую Девочку (About a Crimson Girl)
Airs – Untitled
Airs – Joyless
Semilanceata – Dødhelighaz Grafwlijka Mund Ok Dess Vaggande Avgrundsbruus
Epsilon Eridani – Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft
Dysphoric – Mørke
Dysphoric – Delusional Haze
Rotorvator – Nero ep (Live in Santarcangelo) (unreleased)
Foreskin – Just a Fucking Preview!
Foreskin – Bombs Away!
Eagle Chalice – Underwater Panther Party
Eagle Chalice – Let’s Float
Ouroboros – Vanitas
Mïsogi - Tofotukami Wemitamafe
Despot - Cold Deliverance
Earth Sheds Ghostly Shadows - Demo 2010
Aairria - Chamber of Winds

Baixa-ho aquí / Downloading here

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