dimarts, 29 de març de 2011

...a dead spot of light #12

La nova edició de "...a dead spot of light" magazine finalment, ha estat editat i amb més de 50 pàgines altre cop.

a new edition of the 'a dead spot of light' magazine is out and it is again over fifty pages in length:

(with reviews on I & II)
The Frost
(with a review on Under Månen Lever Jag)
Il Serpe del Mondo
Josef Nadek
Mafu Mafu
Schrei aus Stein


Sarah Weis – ><: Level 2
Foreskin – B.I.T.P.
Straziata Requie Delle Rovine – Everything Cold
In Zaire – In Zaire (live)
Dead Black Arms – Slow Burning Ocean
Arkodaemik – Hell Fires
Sick to the Back Teeth – Full-Body Heartache
Venomous – No Return
Formless – Organic Chaos
Thaw – Decay
ktmROCKS e-mag issue 08
Apolhocaust – Apolhocaust
Mitochondrion – Parasignosis
Backyard Ghost – The Lady or the Tiger

Dark Meadows Production section
Pink Venom – Waste of the World
The Elapidae Project – Proxenus / Glowingpixie
Ghoul Detail – Medicated
Syrinx / Playing with Nuns

Folk Section
Alter Etno – Savon Voda
Foxpockets – The Coracle & The Albatross
Mission Melpa – Mission Melpa demo

Slow Death Records section
Ghost – Procession
Younx Grounioc'h – Horror Woods

The something else section
Caldera Lakes – Caldera Lakes
Phrenia – Phrenia
Occulta Struttura – Vol. V Pt. I

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