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...a dead spot of light #13

Ja es pot descarregar el nou número de la revista "... a dead spot of Light", una edició on podràs trobar, com sempre, una mica de tot (Folc., noise, metal, experimental, poesia, ...).
Una revista que recomanem fervorosament tan per la seva qualitat com per la constant superació, número a número, i el treball excepcional del seu editor.

You can download the new issue of "... a dead spot of Light ", an edition where you can find, as usual, a little bit of everything (Folck, noise, metal, experimental, poetry, ...) .
A strongly recommended magazine either for its quality and constant improvement, number by number, and the exceptional work of its editor.

A very long opening interview:

Interview / Review Section:
Sylvan Realm (with a review on The Lodge of Transcendence)
Mørke (with reviews on M109LRGB, Es and more)
Stillheten (with a review on Frusen)
Baalberith (with a review on their split with Colossloth and more)

Interview Section:
Jute Gyte
Count Beetle

Wacky Southern Current – Like The Wind Within The Hollow Tree

Jozik Records section:
Architeuthis Rex & Banana Pill & Hobo Cubes & Mpala Garoo 4-way
Banana Pill – Watercolor

Bellaras – The Thousand Tombs Of A Broken God
i AM esper – Glowing Valley
Agga – Agga

Tumulte Section:
Desordre Social
Tumulte, Endemit, Playing with Nuns, O.S.N.A. split album

Multinational Corporations – Equality

Short reviews:
Rotorvator & Rhuith – February
Valonkantajat – Lupaus
Mysterium Tremendum – Mysterium Tremendum
Hexentomb – Folgore Notturna

The something else section:
Gamardah Fungus – Two Hemispheres, Two Worlds
Apes Fight Back – Apes Fight Back

And poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes and Emily Dickinson.

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