dijous, 8 de setembre de 2011

... A dead spot of light #14

Nova edició d’aquest net magazine cada cop més complet.
Una gran feina que no em de deixar de recolzar!!

A new issue of this increasingly better net magazine.
A great job that we don’t stop support!

Interview + Review section
Erevos (with a review on Descensus Ad Inferos)
Astrum / Kosmokrater (with a review on Tales of Witchlore)

Interview section
Immortal Rites
Nova Lux
Chaos Synopsis

Review section
Ov Hollowness – Drawn to Descend
O.D.I. – Necronomicon II
Nutr – Unholy Inscriptions on a Tainted Wall
Lezet – Meld5
Barbaros – Godoff (2011)

…and for something a little longer … than before:
Rotorvator & Rhuith – February
Valonkantajat – Lupaus
Mysterium Tremendum – Mysterium Tremendum
Hexentomb – Folgore Notturna

Dry – Beneath the Stars
Ghül – Los Horrores de la Tumba
Cara Neir – Part I & II
Ablasa – Nafsasy – Syaitann
ktmROCKS be LOUD be PROUD vol. II Sampler
Sår – The War Manifesto
Belthezar – Void of Blasphemy
Rise of Malice – Coronation of Liar
Apparition – In the Name of Chiu
Nerocapra – Vox Inferi
Ürgon Gorgon – Beyond the Astral Plane
Temple of Adoration Newsletter
Into the Catacomb #2 Newsletter (March 2011)

Poems by by Matthew Arnold, Madison Cawein and Dora Sigerson Shorter.


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