divendres, 2 de setembre de 2011


WILL DESTROY is a Grind / Noise project born in late 2009 in Barcelona, directly influenced by the early grind, death, noise and psychotropic substances. Formed by Fran Viloria (drums, vocals), former drummer of SxSxSxS (grind / noise, Venezuela.) and Jesus Pereira (bass-vocals) ex-member of Kroll (brutal death, Venezuela). In summer of 2010, Christian Vargas joins the band as guitar and vocals , former guitar of Abnormal (death / gore, Venezuela, Bolivia). 

In 2010, WILL DESTROY playes several concerts with local bands. Some rehearsals and their first live were recorded during this period.. In the summer of 2011 Christian Vargas left the project for personal reasons. The band continued with drums, bass and two voices. They perform a concert drum / bass / grind. Currently, line up’s band is: Fran on drums-voice and Jesus on guitar-voice working on sound experimentation. He decides to take some recordings in 2012 and perform direct.


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