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...A dead spot of light #15

Arriba la 15ª edició d'aquest magnífic net magazine on podreu trobar una mica de tot: Metal, ambient, folk,noise,...

The fifteenth edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered.

A very long opening interview

Interview & review section
Vowels (with reviews on all three releases) 
Deathlike (with a review on Apega) 

In Loving Memory 

rngmnn - Strvnýe 
rngmnn - Skogsrået 
San Miniato - San Miniato 
Wäldchengarten - Bottom Feeder 
Wser - Again (Part 3) 
Mowlawner - The Butcher and the Unwary 
Betraytor - Rehearsecutions 2009-2010 
Ithaca Trio - Clarity 
Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth 
Gruel - Gruel 
 Hands I Annul Yours - s/t 
Humans Fuck Off - Humans Fuck Off 
Dawn the Plague - Dawn the Plague 
Arrowwood / Novemthree split CD 
 Beithíoch - Dúchas 
Abrahel - Back From the Underworld 
Cruentus - Asantustha Aatma 

Soleil Triste Review 
Putrefactive Effect Review 
Deep Vein - Symbols for the Dead 
Thrash Attack #7 Taid - III 

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