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... A Dead Spot of Light #017

Dissetena edició d'aquest magazine virtual on trobem Metal, ambient, noise, folk,... una mica de tot per passar una bona estona de lectura 

The seventeenth edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered. 

JT Bruce 
Funeral Moth 
Kaoteon (old) 
Kaoteon (2012) 
Combat Noise 

Game review 
Katawa Shoujo 

Music reviews 
 Aspec(t) -- Skinless 
Lost Resolve -- EP Demo 2011 
Conte Slayvimore -- Il Freddo Respiro della Morte 
It Only Gets Worse -- EP 
Kheta Hotem -- Meri Vaahtolaine 
Glina -- Spiritual Safety 
Stillheten -- The Right and God Made Sun Did Rise 
Instant Pyrolysis -- The Asylum 
Diablery -- The Eye 
The Frost -- ...Of the Forest Unknown 
Immolith -- Storm Dragon 
Generation Welfare -- Instrumentals for The Mental 
Dysphoric -- Intens Melankoli 

Diary of my Untold Apocalypse 

Analgesia -- Beyond Illusion 

Strange poetry section 
Rosie Thomas -- Where Was I 
Nina Grollmann 
Harry Bertoia 

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