dijous, 1 de gener de 2009


ARTILLERIA PESADA proudly presents its last three editions. An split with O.D.I. and Akollonizer, the second work of Ze Pekeño and the virtual release of O.D.I. called "La puerta del Hades"

"Moon is throll / La transformació" CDr.

Split that includes the Akollonizer's first work and a new O.D.I's noisy ritual. O.D.I. presents " Moon is Throll " which homages Montserrat, one of the most mistical mountains in Catalonia, full of legends and misteries. The first work with Nayram, which has turned into the second member of the band, 100 % ritual drone. Akollonizer's part, called " La transformació " is a conceptual work about Kafka's work " The metamorphosis ". Aggressive coctel that goes from the most melancholy environment to the craziest cyber with sludge and noisy elements.

Second full length Cdr of this harsh noise & experimental project called ZE PEKEÑO. Released in 2008 for COMI produccions (Col·lectiu de Musics Inclasificats) on virtual format with Creative Commons's license. Now, Artilleria Pesada put it out in Cdr format. Politically incorrect music for ears that suffer with mainstream media which annihilates our capacity of reason.


O.D.I. "La puerta del Hades" Edició virtual

New work of the tireless one Karkassa-O.D.I., this time, involved 100% in the ritual drone which was introduced on his previous work Siddartha Experience. With this new work he travels among the Greek mythology and, as usual, in its darknest side. A new trip through the dead's world and the darkness led by Caronte's myth and the final trip of the souls. Mystical darkness for the lovers of sinister environments.

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