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Nou Treball d'O.D.I. - "La Puerta del Hades"


A bunch of news around O.D.I.

New edition of the band in virtual format through Artilleria Pesada. The new work calls " La puerta del Hades" , a work, which consolidates the path begun in its work "Siddartha Experience" , ritual drone of mystical sounds and spiritual atmosphere. It's included the track called "Amok" , from the sound track of the short film of the same name, " Amok". Shortly it will be released through You Tube.

Towards February or March another work of the band called "Necronomicon" will be published, which will be put out in parts, " Necronomicon I" , inspired in texts (invocations, exorcisms, etc...) of the authentic Necronomicon; it will have songs of 10 minutes approximately. The other one, "Necronomicon II", will include three songs of 20 minutes each one which have been composed with long rituals from Necronomicon, too.

Also, the band is working on another edition. A song of minutes called " No quiero estar solo".

About the split with Akollonizer, it seems, that it will see the light at the end of this year or beginnings of the following one.

In other hand the web page of the band has been renewed (new design, sections, free music, ...), where which will be able to find diferent kind of information about the band and all the works published until the moment (free downloading)


2000 "Ora et Labora" Autogestió Musical
2004 "Foedus Amoris Violatum" Autogestió Musical
2005 "Llum Negra" Artillería Pesada
2006 "Akunen Asor" Savefur Rec.
2007 "Siddhartha Experience" Artilleria Pesada
2008 "La Puerta del Hades" Artilleria Pesada



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