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... A Dead Spot Of Light #22

Edició nº 22 del que ja és un referent dins del fanzineo virtual, com sempre amb una dosi de metal, ambient, noise, folk,.... 

The twenty-second edition of this net magazine. Metal, ambient, noise, folk ... a bit of everything is covered.

Opening interview
Utarm (Norway; Noise, Experimental Black Metal)

Interview / review section
Beithíoch (Ireland; Ambient, Black Metal)
Beithíoch – Summoning The Past

Schrei aus Stein (USA; Ambient Black Metal)
Schrei aus Stein – Philosophie

Thy Sinister Bloom (Ireland; Psychedelic Doom Metal)
Thy Sinister Bloom – Thy Temperate Veil-A Vanity Lost
Thy Sinister Bloom – Fragrant Suncry, A Scented Memorium
Thy Sinister Bloom – Serein Falls

Smile Carved Sour (Norway; Avant-garde Black Metal)
Smile Carved Sour – Sound You'll Never Hear
Smile Carved Sour – Puppet Death

Arctic Spirit (Greenland; Heavy Metal)
Arctic Spirits – Iluliarsuit Akornanni

Interview section
Pesta Porcina (Spain; Goregrind)
Ov Hollowness (Canada; Atmospheric Black Metal)
Celtibeerian (Spain; Folk Metal)
Karst (Hungary; Progressive Black Metal)
Subterranean Disposition (Australia; Doom / Death Metal)
netra (France; Depressive Black Metal/Trip-Hop/Ambient)

Review section
AlNamrood – Estorat Taghoot
AlNamrood – Kitab Al Awthan
Swamp – Praise the Goat
Swamp – Nuclear Death
Timothy C Holehouse / Banana Pill split
Ubi Sunt – I
Chaos Synopsis – Art of Killing
Astrum – Battalions of Hell
Carrasco – Aurora del Sortilegio
Paganfire – Promo Tape
Ordum – The Circle
Kalki Avatara – Mantra for the End of Times
Valonkantajat – Tuomittu elämään
Rotorvator – The Blues
Lily et Coco – Demo 2012
伏羲 – 在寂静的路上 (On The Dreariness Pathway)
Sabazius – Parousia 

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